“Shine oN” ProjectAs I’m sure a lot of you are aware, VIXX’s brilliant and humble leader ‘N’ has been going through a bad time. From being over worked and tired, to anti-fans being hurtful. People automatically see the leader of any group as being strong, but any fan of VIXX can see ‘N’ is really kind hearted. At the moment he will be feeling a little down, well now is Starlight’s chance to show how much we appreciate him and to send him encouragement!We chose “Shine oN” as we as fans (Starlight - Shine) want to encourage ‘N’ and to tell him to keep his chin up and keep moving forward (oN - forward).
What will be done for the “Shine oN” Project?We are planning to get Starlight’s from around the world to either send in written words or send photos, postcards, banners or fanart. From this a “Shine oN” scrap book will be made and sent to the boys in Korea. We will also create a video of all the fan items,messages and of the scrap book, and plan to send that to N’s and RealVixx Twitters to make sure he receives the video. 
Where do we send our items?If you email your messages and attach your fanart/photos, that would be perfect. But if you need to post your items to us, then please email us asking for the address.EMAIL: KreativeKpop@hotmail.com
Images1. Create a banner or fanart: A4 size or smaller.2. Photography: This can be sent as a digital attachment or by post.3. Postcards: You can send me a postcard of where you live, and we will include that with your message.4. Be CREATIVE: As long as “Shine oN” is somewhere on your image, it will be included. Think outside of the box.
Written1. Fan letter: We are accepting letters of encouragement to ‘N’. They can only be 50 words long and MUST be in English. We will translate them into Korean, and will also send the originals as well. 2: Poems/ Quotes/Words of encouragement: If you are skilled in poem writing, or have quotes or words that will encourage ‘N’, then please send them as well, this is also in the 50 word limit.
Rules1. You can enter in both the written and image sections, but only ONCE per a section.2. No personal information (facebook, twitter, telephone numbers, addresses) should be included, if so they will NOT be included in the scrap book or video.3. The theme is based around “Shine oN” so be creative, and incorporate it in some way.4. Please remember to put your name/nickname and country, so we know where your from and who its from.
END DATE: Midnight April 30th 2013!
If you have ANY questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact Myself - kimberavi or prince-jaehwan You can also ask questions on the VIXX-UK Facebook page found —> Here!
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